iQ Block Country and caching plugins

Does this plugin work with caching?

In some circumstances: No

The plugin does it best to prevent caching of the “You are blocked” message. However most caching software can be forced to cache anyway or just ignore the do not cache headers this plugin sends. You may or may not be able to control the behavior of the caching method.

The plugin does it bests to avoid caching but under circumstances the message does get cached. Either change the behavior of your caching software or disable the plugin.

In the best case scenario with a caching plugin blocked visitors get to see the visited page every now and then because it is served directly from cache, so iQ Block Country cannot block this visit because it is served from cache. And non blocked visitors always get to see a visited page despite it is being served from cache or dynamically by WordPress.

Please note that many of the caching plugins are not compatible with this plugin. The nature of caching is that a dynamically build web page is cached into a static page.
If a visitor is blocked this plugin sends header data where it supplies info that the page should not be cached. Many plugins however disregard this info and cache the
page or the redirect. Resulting in valid visitors receiving a message that they are blocked. This is not a malfunction of this plugin.

Disclaimer: No guarantees are made but after some light testing the following caching plugins seem to work: Comet Cache, WP Super Cache
Plugins that do NOT work: W3 Total Cache, Hyper cache